Our address is 8467 Memphis Avenue, Brooklyn, Ohio 44144.  We are halfway between Ridge Rd. and Tiedeman Rd. on the corner of Roadoan and Memphis.  Some landmarks that you may be familiar with are…we are in the same plaza as Aldo’s Italian Restaurant and one building over from the Floridian apartment building, across the street from the fire station.

We are open

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am to 7pm

Thursday 11am to 5pm

Saturday 11am to 4pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

Yes, we have several ways you can buy Mom’s Pierogies!  

Crocker Park Farmers’ Market:  We currently have a stand during the summer months (June through October) at Crocker Park Farmers’ Market (for more information about that, including times and location, please connect with us on our newsletter: (Click Here to sign up) you will receive updates on when we will be there.

Jawarski Meats:  Jawarski Meats on Pearl Road in Middleburg Heights currently carries the following flavors from our brand…potato cheddar, potato cheddar garlic, potato, potato cheddar bacon, sweet cheese and sauerkraut.

Market Wagon:  Market wagon is an online farmers’ market that we sell through year round.  If you sign up on their website, you can get delivery of our current offerings on a 1 time or subscription basis.  We offer all our cold options from our takeout/catering menu as well as current in stock frozen items. This is a great option to also find great local vendors to support throughout the year. Order here (additional charge may apply when ordering through this vendor)

Grubhub, Doordash and Uber:  Click on the links to order directly through these delivery platforms.  You can also access our Doordash store through the “pickup of takeout and in stock frozen pierogies” button directly on our home page of the website.  (additional charge may apply when ordering through these platforms)

 Absolutely!  We will put anything you want inside of a pierogi.  We do ask that you order a minimum of 3 dozen for any custom order.  Please allow for 7 day processing time for all custom orders.  Custom order pierogies are all $11.00/dozen. 

Yes!  Just ask us when ordering.  Frying the pierogies comes with an additional charge of $1.00 to each order fried.

Not all menu items are available all of the time.  While we do our best to keep popular varieties in stock, sometimes (especially during the holidays) we run out quickly.  Your best bet is to call ahead, especially if it is during the holidays or Lent.  We do always keep the potato cheddar in stock everyday, but if you are looking for one of our more unique, or one of our popular traditional flavors, you should call ahead. 

Yes!  This would fall under the custom pierogies mentioned above.  We would require a minimum of 3 dozen placed, and they are $11.00/dozen.  Please allow at least 7 days for custom orders to be processed.

Not at this time.  Our current facility is not set up to safely accommodate those who have a serious gluten intolerance, as a separate station and machinery would need to be used.  For the safety of our customers we cannot offer this option at this time.

Give us a call and if we have all items in stock you can get your order that same day!

Orders placed can take up to 7 days to process.  Most of the time you will get your order sooner than this, but during our busy seasons or if your order includes custom varieties or is a larger order it can take the full 7 days to receive.  Please order accordingly if you are needing your order sooner than this standard period. 

We accept cash and all forms of credit card payments.  We cannot accept payment over the phone.  We ask that you pay when picking up your orders instead or order and pay online for pickup at our store location.

 All of our pierogies come packaged in amounts of 6.  This is the least amount that you can get of one flavor, but you can split 6 of one flavor and 6 of another flavor for a total of 1 dozen pierogies.  There is no additional charge to split a dozen. 

We offer delivery through partners like Doordash, Grubhub and Uber.  If you are looking for delivery through one of our partners, you can either go directly to our website, where we have a grubhub button or you can go to their individual websites/apps and search for us there.

Use the link below to access those partners;

GrubHub     DoorDash     Uber


Yes, call in your order or order online and choose curb-side pickup as your delivery option.  You can even choose which time slot you would like to pick up your order in.

We typically require only a 20-30 minute processing time for all takeout orders.  The earliest available pickup time slot will be the first available when ordering online, or if calling in your order by phone, one of our staff members will let you know what the wait time is.


Boiling:  Please do not boil our pierogies the same way you would boil “store bought brands”  we are known for our light and airy dough and if you boil this dough too long your pierogies will fall apart.  That being said, if you do boil the pierogies…drop them in already boiling water (frozen pierogies) boil for a total of 5 minutes, (fresh pierogies) boil for a total of 2 minutes.

Frying fresh pierogies:  add nonstick cooking spray to the bottom of your pan with either butter or olive oil.  When the oil is sufficiently hot, place the pierogies in the pan to begin frying.  Turn them as the bottom side is browned to your liking.

Frying frozen pierogies:  boil for 2 minutes then finish the cooking/heating process in the pan while frying.  Do not boil for too long as your pierogies will be overcooked and break apart.

Microwave:  We do not recommend microwaving our pierogies and we do not guarantee the quality if you do.  

Baking:  Place pierogies in a well oiled oven safe casserole dish.  Cover and cook in a preheated 350 degree oven.  Turn the pierogies over in about 15 minutes and continue cooking for another 15 minutes.  Cooking times may vary and if the pierogies are fresh instead of frozen we suggest decreasing the cooking time but still turning them halfway through the cooking process.

Deep frying:  Place oil heated to about 300 degrees.  (make sure to use a thermometer or an actual deep fryer that displays the temperature on the unit).  We suggest frying from a frozen state.  Fry the frozen pierogies for about 3 minutes total. 

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